Add batteries to HIACE VAN solar photovoltaic system

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Prepare for winter trip to Hokkaido

Stored electric power in the solar system

As mentioned in previous article, 2 batteries were installed in the solar system in HIACE VAN. Battery is ACDelco’s M27MF, its nominal capacity is 105 Ah.

HIACE solar system modification

105 Ah means 105 Ah × 12 V = 1260 Wh.

Assume that 70 % of stored energy can be utilized, 1260 Wh × 0.7 =882 Wh.

Multiplied by the quantity, 882 Wh × 2 = about 1700 Wh.

Required electric power in Hokkaido winter

On the other hand, expected daily electric power consumption in winter Hokkaido is

Electric blanket 30 W × 10 h = 300 Wh

Electric water boiler 440 W × 0.5 h = 220 Wh

USB charger 15,000 mAh × 3.6 V × 2 unit = 108 Wh

Therefore, roughly estimated daily electric power consumption is 628 Wh

It lasts not more than 3 days

I can say the stored electric power will last for 1700 Wh / 628 Wh = 2.7 days without sunlight.

So I decided to add 2 more batteries to the solar system to double the capacity.

Items to be modified

Number of batteries 2 => 4

Additional batteries are to be connected parallelly.

Charging and discharging batteries can be changed independently.

Add terminal block to ease future modification

Circuit diagram

I drew the diagram and parts list as detailed as possible to avoid future confusion.

Circuit diagram
Circuit diagram
Parts list
Parts list

Connect all the devices with cables, and …

The result is awful. Some of the cables are too short, and it is likely that sthey would be cut off soon.

Like a ball of wool
Like a ball of wool

So I replaced short cables with longer ones.

Like PC-case wiring, I wired as much cables as possible on the opposite side of the net to avoid entanglement.

HIACE solar system modification
Much better (I guess)

Once wired with 5.5 SQ cables, toggle switches are almost fixed and difficult to change the position. So the route cables run should be carefully examined beforehand.

HIACE solar system modification
Difficult to relocate

I tested the system before I left for Hokkaido, and it surely worked without problem.

Thank you for reading my article.


The original article was written and published on Jan./7/2018.

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