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Travel to scenic Japan: Tadami Line complete shooting spot guide

About Tadami line

Tadami line is located in the north of Tokyo, and it takes about 4 hours to reach Aizu Wakamatsu station from Tokyo via Shinkansen. It runs between Aizu Wakamatsu station and Koide station, but currently between Aizu Kawaguchi Sta. and Tadami Sta. is out of service because of flood in 2011. It runs rural mountainous area, and runs only 4 or 6 trains a day for each direction. It takes about 6 hours to go through the Tadami line from Aizu Wakamatsu Koide Sta. No express train is available.

Location of Tadami line

Good News

I learned that the restoration work of Tadami line, currently suspended between Aizu kawaguchi station and Tadami station, will start soon. The work is scheduled to finish before March/2022.

I have been there several times to shoot steam locomotive between 2005 and 2009.

In this article, I’ll introduce beautiful shooting spots of Tadami line.

When I visited the Tadami line, I lived in Nagoya. From Nagoya, Tadami line is so far, so it was difficult to change the schedule according to weather forecast, and only to stick to the original schedule. Therefore, you’ll find many of the photos I took are under the cloud. However, I believe that autumn leaves look better in cloudy weather with moisture.

Between Takiya station and Aizu Hinohara station

The train running on the iron bridge. You can take it from prefectural road 32. The steam locomotive train in the photo headed for Koide station. Steam locomotive train on Tadami line does not smoke so much, so this much smoke is a kind of good success.

Tadami Line shooting spot

Recommended hours for better lighting

early morning ~ daytime

Shooting Location


The arrow means lens direction


Travel to scenic Japan: Oito Line complete shooting spot guide

About Oito line

Location of Oito line

Ohito line is located in the central japan. It runs through the mountainous area, northern Japanese alps, and you can enjoy fantastic scenery. It runs between Matsumoto city and Itoigawa city. Southern part  is electrified and northern part is not, and there is no direct train which connects both terminals. The boundary between electrified and non-electrified section is Minami-Otari station. In non-electrified section, only a few trains runs.

Location of Minami-Otari station wihch devides Oito line into 2 parts

It takes about 2.5~3.0 hours form Tokyo to Matsumoto by Shinkansen train. 

Required time and money from Tokyo to Matsumoto

Oito line shooting spots

I visited Oito line many times between 2003 and 2009. At that time, very old type diesel cars KIHA52 was still running in this area, and were very popular among railway enthusiasts.

Diesel car KIHA52

Now all the KIHA52 were disused, and now new type KIHA120 are running.

KIHA120 diesel car. For Oito line, color is a bit different.

In this article, I’ll introduce Oito line shooting spots. It has been almost 10 years since I last visited there, so I find out the current situation of each spot with Google Maps, and attach the result.

Between Azumi Kutsukake station and Shinano Tokiwa station (1 of 2)

This place is famous among railway fan. You can find many examples in the Web.


Travel to scenic Japan: Beautiful mountain views of Hokkaido Senmo line

Good weather is must for beautiful shots

When I was a company employee, I could only visit Hokkaido during Japanese vacation season, i.e. New year vacation, Golden Week vacation, and Summer Obon vacation. So it was very difficult for me to visit Hokkaido with good weather.

Because I quit the company, now I can visit Hokkaido according to the weather forecast. I visited Hokkaido between the end of February and the beginning of March of 2018.

In this article, I’ll show you beautiful scenery of mountains with Senmo line train.

Where is Senmo line ?

It is located in the west side of Hokkaido.

From Tokyo Station to Kushiro station, it takes around 4 hours by direct flight from Haneda airport.

The southern part runs through famous Kushiro Wetland, and the northern part runs on the coast of Sea of ​​Okhotsk, which is famous for Ice floe.


Train with Mount Io (Between Kawayu Onsen station and Midori station)

Mount Io is an active volcano, and  generates smoke of sulfur dioxide.

It is 512 m high. Io means sulfur in Japanese.


Travel to scenic Japan: Be relaxed with steam locomotive train Yamaguchi

About steam locomotive train Yamaguchi

In Japan, steam locomotive was out of use in March, 1976 for practical use. But for tourists, steam locomotive train Yamaguchi started to run in August 1979. Since then, it continues to run on every Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays as a tourist train. Until last year, steam locomotive model C57 and C56 pulled the train. This year, a newly restored locomotive model D51 started to run, and model C56 retired instead.

Yamaguchi line is located in Yamaguchi prefecture that sits in the east area of Japan. 

It connects Shin-Yamaguchi station and Masuda station, but steam locomotive Yamaguchi runs from Shin-Yamaguchi station to Tsuwano station.

Trip to Shin-Yamaguchi station

Hereafter, steam locomotive train is shortened to be SLT

Introducing standard and popular shooting spots

Recently, I’m visiting Yamaguchi line several times to take photos of model D51, and have gathered the latest information of each spot. In this article, I’ll show you popular shooting spots of SLT Yamaguchi including example photos, map, and how each spot is congested. Please see the below explanation.


Classified into these 3 categories

1: a few visitors

2: up to 30 visitors

3: more than 30 visitors


Classified into these 3 categories

1: a few visitors

2: up to 30 visitors

3: more than 30 visitors

If the capacity of the spot is less than expected number of visitors, then you should go to the spot more earlier.

Between Miyano station and Niho station (Oyamaji)


COS: 2

Train Direction: To Tsuwano

this is a popular shooting spot near Shin-Yamaguchi station, which is the starting station of SLT Yamaguchi. Here, you can take photos of SLT Yamaguchi heading squarely with a lot of smoke coming out.

SL Yamaguchi Scenic Location


Google Maps