Install curtains on HIACE VAN to maintain privacy while door are open

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Open the doors to circulate the air inside

In summer, it’s necessary to open both of slide doors keep open when relaxing in HIACE. Though, if you keep the doors open, you want to curtain off the opening to maintain privacy. So I decided to install curtains.

First I tried to find ready to attach curtains, that is specially designed for HIACE, and I could only find curtains that covers windows, but none that is long enough to cover whole slide door.

Then, I was considering to install curtains by myself.

I started DIY curtain project

It’s easier to suspend a curtain with hooks attacked onto the ceiling, but I wanted to draw curtains to keep them half open or full open quickly. So I tried to find how I can install a curtain rail for a house to achieve better usability.

How to install curtain rails ?

How about making a hole on each pillar, then attach a curtain rail directly?

It may work, but as far as I checked, curtain rails for houses are attached with φ2.7 mm or φ3.5 mm wood screws. If you attach a curtain rail directly to pillars, you can only use  2 of M2 or M3 screws, and  apparently, it’s not strong enough.

I guess it’s not good looking, but better to attach a curtain rail to a square timber, then attach the timber to the pillars.

Select suitable parts and buy

A) Curtain Rails

I chose the one that was light and flexible in case it falls. It’s length is adjustable between 1 m and 2 m.

Square Telescopic Curtain Rail 2m single type (white)

B) Plates to fasten the timber to the hole on the pillars

I purchased stainless plates with a hole of φ6.5 mm to fix it with M6 bolts and nuts.

They can be iron plates, but ones I found was painted black, and I wanted silver ones, so I bought stainless ones.

C) iron wood screws (to secure the curtain rails to the timber) 

The wooden screw attached to the curtain rail was 20mm long, but the timber I bought was 14mm thick. So I bought shorter ones. I wanted shorter than 14mm, but only 16mm was available.

Actully, 16mm and 20mm are not much different, because you cannot see tip of the wood screws come out to inside.

D) Square timber

Width of timbers should be a bit wider than that of curtain rail bracket. The shop I went didn’t have much selection, and below size is my only choice.

Size of square timber: length 1820mm × thickness 14mm × Width 30mm

E) wood screws (to secure the plates to square timbers) 

It should be φ6.2x10mm wood screws, but I mistakenly bought φ4×10 tapping screws.

I used tapping screws instead, and there is no problem so far.

F) M6× 20 pan head screws + M6 hexagon Nuts + M6 Flat Washers

This is used to fasten the plates to the pillars.

G) M6 Butterfly Nut 

I used butterfly nuts to make the curtain rails easily detachable.

M6 Butterfly Nut

Tools needed

  • Drill  I used a manual type hand drill, but electric type is OK, too.
  • Drill bit φ6.5
  • Screw drivers
  • Measure
  • Hand saw
  • Whimble
  • Spanner (10mm width)
  • 2 of pliers

Curtain Rail Installation Work

Make holes on the inside lining of pillars

Make holes with a drill. Check inside of the lining if there is any wiring or other important things.

Check the inside of the lining.
Put cardboard under the lining to avoid direct contact of drill tip and steel member.
Finished !

Fix nuts and bolts to the linings

Inset a bolt into the hole and fasten a nut tightly.

Bolt, nut, and flat washer
Insert a bolt from inside of lining
Fasten the nut tightly.

Bend the plate according to the inclination of the inner lining

Bend the plate with two pliers. Make sure that  the face a timber will be attached on is vertical.

Check if the mounting surface is vertical 。
I have only long-nose pliers.
Check if the mounting surface is vertical.

Attach the plates and measure the distance between the plates.

This distance should be approximately same as the distance between the holes that were made into the inner linings.

Attach the plate with a butterfly nut .
Measure the distance between the plate in front, and…

Decide longitudinal position of square timber, and secure the plates to the timber

a) Make sure that rear end of the timber does not touch the seat belt, and

b) the front end should not stick out into front row.

Decide the position of the plate on rear end of the timber while taking above a) into consideration.

Then, decide position of the plate on front end according to the distance measured in the previous section.

Set the timber temporarily

Put the bolts fixed on the lining into the holes of the plate on the timber.

Front end of the timber.
Rear end of the timber.

Attach a curtain rail to the timber

Locate the brackets evenly.

Tighten wood screws to the timber, but not too much or break the thread on the holes.

Attach the curtain rail to the car

Use butterfly nuts to attach the curtain rails. Then, tighten the wood screws to fix the curtain rail in the brackets.

High ace sliding door mounting curtain
High ace sliding door mounting curtain

Choose Curtains

I wanted to curtain off the openings of slide doors to maintain privacy in daytime or early-evening. So I have chosen white ones to let in light.

I bought below curtains.

A pair of lace curtains with powerful shielding +heat insulation + UV Cut  width 100cm length 108cm

Install curtains

I bought two pairs of above ones, and attached then onto each side of slide door.

I have already installed a pair of curtains as a partition between cargo area and passenger area. With newly bought curtains, the bed kin in the cargo area is now completely shielded form outside eyes.

High ace sliding door mounting curtain
Feel like completely isolated.
The edge of the curtain barely touch touches the floor.
Parking with doors open.

What’s the result?

No need to mind the outside eye to keep the slide doors open, and inside of the car is more comfortable with the doors open in hot season.

If you open the rear hatch as well as slide doors, it’s more comfortable.

When I prepare or install any equipment for HIACE VAN, I always work in HIACE VAN which is parking in front of my house. Without curtains, I must close slide doors to avoid outside eyes, but now I can keep the doors open to let the air in.

Cost of each parts

M6 x20 Screw bolts + M6 nuts, M6 butterfly nuts, Wood Screws diameter 2.7mm × length 16mm, diameter 6.3mm × length 12mm : around 400 ~ 500 yen altogether.

Square timber 580 yen × 2=1,160 yen 

Stainless plate =About 200 yen× 4 =800 yen

Curtain rail 1,501 yen × 2 = 3,002 yen

Curtains 2140 yen × 2=4280 yen

So total cost is around 10,000 yen or $90.

Thank you for reading my article.

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