The effect of IMPROVED thermal insulation on HIACE VAN

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Still not enough

As explained in my previous article The effect of thermal insulation on HIACE,

  • Car inside temperature will be higher by 3 degrees Celsius with 120 W heat.
  • It would be 4 degree Celsius if you add heat insulation panelS on cargo room windows, and a curtain between cargo room and passenger cabin.

This 3 or 4 degrees are better than nothing, but it is not enough in Hokkaido winter, where temperature sometimes goes below -10 degrees Celsius.

So I tried some of additional items to improve the heat insulation.

Added items for better heat insulation

The added items are below.

Heat insulation mat

This is 7 mm thick tile shape mats. I laid them out on the bed floor.

test the improved heat insulation on HIACE VAN
Heat insulation mats

Heat insulation sheet

This is a large size 4 mm thick sheet. I stand it to cover the cargo room to keep cold air out.

test the improved heat insulation on HIACE VAN
Heat insulation sheet

Set the items

These items were set as shown below.

test the improved heat insulation on HIACE VAN
Seeing the cargo room from rear hatch.

New device to record the temperature

In the previous test, temperature was recorded manually, and every time, the door must be opened to read the thermometer. In this test, I set up 2 units of temperature data logger which records temperature automatically and remotely.

I have one each of RC-4 and RC-4HC. RC-4HC can record humidity as well, but in this test, recordded only temperature.

test the improved heat insulation on HIACE VAN
Temperature data logger RC-4HC and RC-4.

Position of data loggers during the test

One was located on the bed, another was located on the bumper, outside of the cabin. (see the yellow arrows in below photo.)

test the improved heat insulation on HIACE VAN
Position of data loggers.



The car was stopping during the test.

Heat generation : By 2 of electric blankets, used all the time (Same electric blankets were used as previous test.)

Items used for heat insulation are

  • Heat insulation mat on the bed
  • Heat insulation sheet blocking the air circulation between cargo room and passenger cabin.
  • Window panels (Rear hatch window, side widows of cargo room were all covered.)
test the improved heat insulation on HIACE VAN
View from rear hatch during the test.

Measured data

Temperature was measured once in every ten minutes for 2 days.

Orange colored area means “night”, or no sunlight coming.


Until midnight, inside temperature was about 4 degrees higher than outside temperature. (Same as Test 1 of previous article.)

Therefore, the effect of additional heat insulation was not confirmed. What a pity.

Thank you for reading my article.


The original article was written and published on Jan./22/2018.

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